We bought our first condo at South Padre Island in mid 2008 right after hurricane Dolly, thinking we were going to use it exclusively for us. Even though we were coming frequently and enjoying it, most of the time it was sitting vacant…so after a while we decided to make it into a Vacation Rental. It was so successful with so many wonderful guests and reviews, that we bought the unit next door, and then a third one and so forth. That is how our journey started!


  • We enjoy coming to SPI on a very frequent basis. Really good restaurants here…good ambient and a wonderful sea breeze!
  • Beautiful beaches, close to home, warm almost all year round… and eventually planning to retire to SPI.


  • Roberto is an Industrial Engineer specialized in Manufacturing Systems. He has worked in the Maquiladora industry on the border with Mexico for 25 years and until 2014 and a Real Estate Investor since 2007. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has been a local resident since 1982.
  • Silvia, an Elementary School Teacher from Northern Mexico, and a local resident since 1988, she is the “common sense” and the “voice of the customer” behind the scenes.