Where do we go eat at South Padre?

Are you hungry yet?

A very nice selection of distinctive restaurants with exquisite local and international cuisine is found on the island. My wife and I have been slowly, but surely trying new options every week, and based on that, we can now recommend a handful of places. Let’s start with my forever favorite, Black Beards. The best hamburgers I have tried are there…the Primo my very favorite. I still remember back in 1982, when Black Beards was a shack. They have been improving the hamburgers to perfection ever since… and for that, I know they have been featured on USA Today, the national newspaper… now they have added good seafood selections… a must visit on the island. My second favorite, and a recent discovery, is Meat Balls. They have an exquisite and affordable lunch menu. While price is important, the quality of the food is paramount. I have been trying their home made pastas and meatballs with each of their available sauces, and Bolognese takes the top award in my book. For the health conscious mind, try Yummies, either breakfast or lunch (they close at 2:00 pm) so don’t be late. And last in this chapter of our culinary adventures on the island, is Captain Roy’s. Originally recommended to us by a very good friend, we try to stop by there every Thursday where they have their Chicken Fried Chicken special. It comes with a delicious side of green beans with bacon. Their Shrimp tacos are also excellent.

There is a large number of other excellent choices… I will just mention their names for the time being and will expand on them in a later blog. Palms Café, U-Mix, Ceviche, Daddy’s, Liam’s, Sea Ranch, Pier 19, Dirty Al’s and Ted’s.

So many excellent choices!