Why book directly with PadreVacation.com?

The South Padre Island Vacation Rental market is rapidly changing, and all the major listing sites are trying to capitalize on these changes by nickeling and diming travelers and property owners. On top of the normal cleaning or pet fees, all major listing sites are now charging booking or service fees between 6% to 17% to the travelers/guests. If you are not aware, in any multi-day rental you may end up paying a hefty additional sum for no added benefit. These major listing sites are using scare tactics such as Book with Confidence Guarantee schemes, but if you use a credit card, more than likely, your credit card affords you the same guarantees. If it was me, instead of paying these “booking fees” I would use the money to take my family or my friends to dinner!

We advertise our vacation rentals in all of the major listing sites, and will play by their rules when people contact us through them…it is only fair. But if you don’t mind doing a little more research and find us, the owners of the properties, online and contact us directly, you will be saving money. Many owners are getting smarter and having their own web presence, and naming their sites and properties the same so it becomes easier to find us! For example, search for the property name, such as Casa Malbec, or directly for https:\\PadreVacation.com, our own booking site for South Padre Island.

When you book directly, you are cutting out the middleman, saving money, promoting the local economy, helping small businesses, and in most cases, you will gain real local knowledge provided by the owners themselves! It’s a win-win!

Book directly!